Multifunction electric 3D Electric Powder Puff



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Purpose: Auto Vibration Make-up Puff/Electric Vibration Puff
Material: ABS
Electric power consumption: under 80mA
Power supply: Lithum battery/ CR2032(1ea/ 3V)
Vibration frequency:12000 vibrate per minute
Product Features:
1. The foundation evenly dither away, even skin tone naturally delicate.
2. The high-frequency vibration massage the skin, making the skin more elastic.
3. microseismic puff design, taking into account not only the face around the eyes can also be taken into account and the nose section.
4. When finished powder can make use of vibration, massage, pulling the skin, creating a perfect face.
5. puff detachable cleaning, can be replaced.
6. Battery design, stylish, compact, can carry.
How to use:
As a puff Use:
Take the right amount of BB cream or liquid foundation, Cream evenly location and forehead, nose, cheeks, chin. Then open the lid of puff shake hand at the top of the cap screw can start working from the central facial skin texture by first opening the uniform, then apply evenly from the inside out.
Use as a massage or skin care products into the instrument instrument:
Stretch forehead between the eyebrows start, spiral massage direction of the temple. Promote blood circulation around the eyes start from the inside corner, and down to the end of eye rotation direction gently massage, massage around the lips. V shaped face began along the contours of the face in a spiral pattern from the lower jaw to the ears of the massage.
1. Recommended every 5-7 minutes.
2. Vibration analyzer can not be immersed in water, do not be a long time in a humid environment.
3. Timely cleaning sponge head. 4 must use a fingernail to press the button, or by hand spiral surface would be more difficult.
5 Openings must use the pull of the form, not the form of the turning transition easily lead to replace puff follow fall.
Package include: 1 x Shock puff device(without puff)
                                 3 x sponge puff

Purple and golden color, when you order,please tell which color you need, or we will send out randomly.Thanks








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