6Pcs Facial exfoliating cleansing Tools


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  • The goods from konjac (100% glucomannan fiber) made without preservatives, antimicrobials, natural plant material.
  • will not irritate the skin, fine material, feel thick, soft-touch massage to achieve the effect of cleaning.
  • pores open state, making it easy to remove the pores of dirt. Touch soft smooth and elastic. Easier to produce than the average rich foam sponge.
  •  leaving skin smooth and fresh, better for baby’s delicate skin and sensitive skin care and cleaning.    


  • Deeply Wash for your Face,Nose,Eyes.
  • Facial Pore Cleaner.
  • Baby shower ball

⭐⭐How to use⭐⭐

  • Step 1:Soften the konjac sponge with water before use
  • Step 2: Squeeze the facial cleanser onto the puff
  • Step 3:Hand rubbing to foaming
  • Step 4:Gently clean the face in a circular motion
  • Step 5:Wash your face with clean water
  • Because It is made from natural konjac flour,after you used,Pls place it in refrigerator,in this way,It can extend its service life,. You can also hang it in a ventilated place to dry naturally, which is convenient, but will shorten its service life.


100% non-polluting natural raw materials production, for infants, toddlers, women’s delicate skin and sensitive skin.

konjac cotton itself weak acid can be taken away deep in the pores of dirt, no soap or cleanser can also be the residue or dust and decomposition.
special fibrous tissue, complex sun fragile skin, even if it will not harm the skin rubbing, natural moisturizing better lock moisture.
 konjac sponge wash daily with massage, prevents the formation of wrinkles, leaving skin fresh and smooth.
long-term use, and promote blood circulation
Dry can not be used directly, after the need to soften, so as not to damage the skin. Konjac is a natural plant, do not tighten the pressure softening, so as not to tear the fibers.

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6Pcs Of Each One, 6Pcs Orange Color, 6Pcscs Black Color, 6Pcscs Blue Color, 6Pcscs Green Color, 6Pcscs Red Color, 6Pcscs White Color


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